Starting from
$250.00 USD
Quarterly + $50.00 Setup Fee
  • Supports patchers Thor, RSU, Neoncube, classic Ragnarok patcher

AndRO features
Renewal After 3 Months is $150 Quarterly
Compatible with any Athena-like emulator (eAthena/rAthena/Hercules)
Compatible with any PACKETVER packet version, up to 2022 (some features are not supported, look below)
Uses cloud client hosting. AndRO can automatically download full client from your website OR can download all the required resources on the fly while playing!
Compatible with Renewal clients and 3rd jobs
Compatible with classic clients and XRay
Supports servers with Gepard Shield 3.0 encryption
Supports Custom headgears
Supports Homunculus / Mercenary AI
Supports GRF encryption
Supports skill effects for 1st jobs and most of the 2nd jobs
What AndRO does not support
Skill effects for 3rd jobs
Only 70% of 2nd job skill effects are supported
Sum of multiple attacks display
Warg display
PIN code security system
Attendance reward system
World Map and Navigation system
Achievement system
Party booking / Adventurers academy
HTTP guild emblems / hotkeys retrieval system
Edit guild positions
Laphine synthesis / upgrade UI